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Apply for grants and awards

For a list of the funds that are currently available please visit our Funds & Programme Information page. The application forms are below. Please read the guidelines carefully before submitting your application to ensure that the project you are applying for meets the criteria of at least one of the funds that are currently available. If it does not meet the criteria your application will be withdrawn. 

Most of our funds are online applications using our standard form (available below); some require their own application, if so details are given in the fund criteria.

We do not ask you to apply to a particular fund, though to simply provide information on what your project is, costs, why you want to deliver it and importantly, what difference it will make in your community. We will then try to match your application to the most appropriate available fund. If you need assistance with the online application form please contact us or your local CVS or Community Development agency.

*Please note individual application forms below are opened through the software Microsoft Word, please ensure you have the relevant software to access the application form as we do not have alternative formats 

 IMPORTANT- Submitting Supporting Documents with your application!

Please note that only completed applications will be processed. When submitting your application you need to ensure you have submitted the following documents within 7 days (unless you have received a grant through the Community Foundation within the last 12 months):
• Constitution or Governing document
• Latest annual accounts or income and expenditure records
• A recent bank statement
• Safeguarding Policy (where applicable)

If the above documents are not received your application cannot be considered (not applicable for applications from individuals).

Successful applicants will be notified by a formal grant offer. By accepting the offer you will also be agreeing to our standards conditions of grant which are available here.

Standard Online Application

Please click here for our standard online application form

Santander SEDA

Please click here to access the SEDA online entry form

The John Goore Fund

To download an application form please click on one of the following links:


Community Groups

The Joseph Harley Bequest fund

To download an application form please click here.

Sefton Education and Learning fund

To download an application form please click here.

For further information on applying for a grant and to contact the Community Philanthropy Team please call 0151 232 2444 or email: