Endowment Match Challenge

Community First is an £80 million government funded programme that will run for four years, until March 2015. It will help strengthen communities by providing additional funds that can be added to donations received by the Community Foundation.  This money is then used to help the causes that our donors care about and make a real difference to Merseyside's communities.

To access this match funding donors simply need to invest money into an endowment fund with the Community Foundation. For every £2 invested the government will contribute £1, significantly increasing  the size of the donation and therefore the amount of money available to those who need it in our communities. These endowment funds can be used to make a difference now and will continue to grow to leave a legacy by the donor and create sustainable support for Merseyside for years to come. 

In 2013 we recieved £291,783 in donations and were able to match £145,772. 

We are seeking philanthropists who have a commitment to, and passion for Merseyside to join us in developing and benefitting from the “Community First Endowment Match Challenge”, supporting future generations of local community projects, and ultimately contributing towards the well-being and prosperity of Merseyside.

“Now more than ever local communities, causes and charities need support they can depend on for the longer term – the kind of support that endowed funds can provide. Community foundations also understand how supporting and sustaining long term change can be rewarding to philanthropists and companies who have an interest and stake in the development of local communities. The match challenge will help more people discover how rewarding this can be and we are pleased to be part of delivering Community First.”
Stephen Hammersley, Chief Executive of Community Foundation Network

For more information about the Community First Match Challenge in Merseyside download our information sheet here

Community First Introduction