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Vital Signs 2015 launches in Merseyside

Merseyside’s young people highlight mental health as key issue

Young people in Merseyside have reported that their main concern is their own mental health or that of their peers, according to a new report by the Community Foundation for Merseyside, the region’s leading philanthropy centre.

In its 2015 Vital Signs report, the Community Foundation for Merseyside reveals findings that follow extensive research into social and economic trends, including surveying young people themselves.

The aim of Vital Signs is to act as a guide to giving, encouraging and inspiring local people and organisations to make a difference in their own communities by targeting their charitable activities and corporate social responsibility programmes to areas of specific need.

Cathy Elliott, Chief Executive of the Community Foundations for Lancashire & Merseyside, said: “This year’s Vital Signs focuses on what is important for children and young people, up to 21-years-old.

“Measuring the needs of local communities in critical areas helps us increase the effectiveness of charitable funds we administer in partnership with charitably minded people and organisations.”

Vital Signs is an essential guide to local community issues and aspirations, helping to steer philanthropists – from individuals and families to charitable trusts to businesses – to support local communities in the most effective way.

“By better informing Merseyside’s community philanthropists about issues and opportunities, we can help ensure their giving makes a true difference where it is needed most,” Cathy added.

Vital Signs not only highlights areas of need in the local community. It also demonstrates best practice community work and demonstrates how supporters can boost local grass-roots organisations, allowing them to continue to carry out their essential, life-changing work.

Some of the findings highlighted by Vital Signs:
• In 2013/14 there were 744 allegations of sexual offences against children across Merseyside; more than two every day.
• 31% of Vital Signs respondents feel like they don’t belong in their community
• 5066 children aged 10-17 were arrested in Merseyside in 2013 – 1 every 104 minutes.

Chris Bliss, Estate Director from Liverpool ONE is a supporter of the Community Foundation for Merseyside.

He said: “Running our business responsibly is vital to our people and our customers. It is all about sustainability for us – a move from worrying about the next quarter’s financial results to the impact business decisions today have on financial and social results years from now.

“Vital Signs in an integral part of this in our work with the Community Foundation, helping us to partner with good causes that match our own vision and values, supporting us in our drive to be a responsible organisation.”

Through targeted local grants, funded with the support of organisations such as Liverpool ONE the Community Foundation for Merseyside has made major strides towards tackling some of the top local issues.

Funding has helped The Open Door Centre tackle and raise awareness of mental health in young people.

Lee Pennington, Charity Director, from The Open Door Centre said: “Many of the activities now form part of our ongoing outreach and engagement work so the grant has established long term opportunity and benefit to the centre outside of the initial benefit. This requires no further support or financial injection but will have wide ranging benefit and allow us to reach many thousands of people in our unique and innovative way”

“Vital Signs is a major tool for taking the pulse of a local community and finding out where it stands on key quality-of-life indicator, from education to housing and employment to crime,” Cathy added.

“It addresses inequalities and deprivation and helps to deliver genuine opportunities for the future by showing what is needed most and where it is needed. We are all incredibly grateful to our philanthropic supporters and we hope that this year’s Vital Signs will inspire even more organisations, businesses and individuals to make their own differences to their communities.”

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Recruitment Advertisement

Team Oasis Inclusive Children’s Charity is looking to recruit a Strategic Development Officer.

This is a 12 Months Fixed Term Contract supported by Merseyside Community Foundation. Team Oasis would hope to secure future funding in order to sustain this position into future years.

Contracted Hours will be 24 Hours per week. Salary will be £12,000.00 per annum.

Experience of working within the Third Sector will be essential.

The successful applicant will be required to have the requisite skills in all forms of Charity Development and Capacity Building.

They will be expected to have a successful track record in securing funds for core costs, small budget project costs and capital project costs.

Experience in Managing Budgets Including all monitoring would be essential.

Deadline for applications is 5.00pm on Friday, 9th October 2015.

Applications including your CV and the names of two employment Referees to:

Paul Nilson
Team Oasis Children’s Charity
The Turner Home
Dingle Lane
L8 9RN.

Click here for full job description

Donating the 5p carrier bag charge to good causes:

The Community Foundations Solution for Retailers

As you know, Government guidance states that large retailers with over 250 employees must charge at least 5p for single-use carrier bags in England from 5 October 2015. Once retailers have deducted reasonable costs, it is expected that they will donate all proceeds to good causes, particularly environmental causes. The Community Foundations can offer a solution to this statutory requirement whilst enabling retailers to support communities and improve local lives where they do business for their CSR.

Helping Retailers to Donate Proceeds to Good Causes: The Community Foundations can expertly administer the proceeds of the bag charge on behalf of retailers to support communities at a local, regional or England-wide level. We can create, deliver and evaluate a community funding programme for a retailer based on projected or actual carrier bag income, working across designated retailer stores and offices. .

The advantage of working with the Community Foundations is that rather than donating to one or a very few big charities, a retailer can support large numbers of smaller charitable projects in the places where their customers and employees live and work for maximum impact to improve people’s lives.

All administrative processes for the distribution of funds are taken care of by us under charity law with the retailer retaining the responsibility for any decision-making and recommending funding for distribution to good causes. We provide a variety of ways we can work collaboratively with retailers which are flexible and value for money, based on our track record since 2007 in working with blue-chip companies and as Quality Accredited Community Foundations, backed by the Charity Commission.

Helping Retailers to Keep Records: We understand that you must keep a reporting year’s records for three years from 31 May in the following reporting year, and that you particularly must report what you did with the proceeds from the charge and any reasonable costs and how they break down. As Community Foundations we can support you in keeping records a per Government guidelines, including by providing six monthly statements of donations received, administration costs and funds distributed and provide annual reports of activities to evidence what has been done with the proceeds of the charge.

We understand that you must send your records to Defra on or before 31 May following the end of the reporting year which will be made public, and we will work with you to ensure transparent reporting.
Helping Retailers to Ensure Reasonable Costs: We understand that you can incur reasonable costs as part of the charging scheme which can include new costs you incurred by following the law on charging, including getting expert advice and administering donations to good causes.

We simply ask for a donation to cover our administration and charitable giving advice costs which is primarily our staff time. These donations would be received by us as a registered charity to enable us to continue our work to support hundreds of community projects to improve people’s lives. Via our work with you in distributing the funds to communities we can also support staff training (another acceptable cost) by involving some of your staff with the community funding decision-making.

Supporting Retailers if they are Inspected: We understand that your local authority can inspect you to check you are following the law, and inspectors can visit your shop or store, speak to staff and demand records. If an inspection takes place we can provide the latest records of the use of the proceeds.

Further Information: For further information and to discuss a tailored scheme or administration package, please contact Cathy Elliott at cathy.elliott@cflm.email

Guidance sourced from Gov.UK, 7 October 2015 Registered Charity no. 1068887

International learning exchange

Community Foundations for Lancashire and Merseyside have had the fantastic opportunity to talk to two international Community Foundations, Ikhala Trust from South Africa and the Community Foundation of Grande Florianópolis in Brazil.

Anderson Giovani Da Silva from the Brazil foundation was welcomed to the Community Foundation’s office in Liverpool City Centre where he shared with staff how he and the foundation works in Brazil. During discussions with Anderson and the CFLM team, Vital Signs was highlighted as an important research for both foundations. Where as CFLM use Vital Signs as a tool to guide giving, in Brazil it is used as a capacity builder and to influence local governance.

The same can be said when the team travelled to Lancashire to meet with the Ikhala trust, from South Africa. Again, this proved an excellent opportunity to exchange knowledge and ideas, whilst also talking about the importance of Vital Signs as a tool to help build stronger communities.
Team members said how fantastic it was to meet with international foundations, as it proved, even though we may all have different methods of working, we are all here for the same purpose; to improve our communities.

Your cause your way

Professional Footballers Association teams up with leading charity network to launch new giving initiative for players

“Your Cause, Your Way” helps players create their own named charitable funds, supported and administered by experts at their local community foundation.

The Professional Footballers Association (PFA) has joined forces with charity network UK Community
Foundations (UKCF) to launch a pilot scheme to help players seeking to donate to local causes.

Until now, players wanting to give back to the communities that have supported them have either
written a cheque for a charity or set up their own registered foundation with its own executive board
and associated administrative complexities.

Now the “Your Cause, Your Way” scheme gives players a new option for charitable giving, allowing
them to set up a named charity fund which is then managed by UKCF and the players local
community foundation – so players can give to whichever charities, community groups or individuals
they want, without the complex administrative processes.

UKCF is the membership organisation for the 48 community foundations spread across the UK that
work as local philanthropy centres by creating and managing funds on behalf of donors and then
distributing money to their chosen causes.

The Your Cause, Your Way pilot is being launched on the back of a successful partnership between
former England and Liverpool FC player Jamie Carragher and his local community foundation.

In 2009, Jamie teamed up with Community Foundation for Merseyside to launch his charity, the 23
Foundation, which has since donated £310,000 to sports initiatives across Merseyside, helping
provide coaches and facilities to community centres, as well as establishing football academies for
local schoolchildren and funding the regions budding young sports stars.

Watching the 23 Foundation transform the sporting opportunities for people on Merseyside, UKCF
approached the PFA to see if more players would be interested in Jamies charity model.

Encouraging charitably minded players to consider Your Cause, Your Way, Jamie said: “There’s a lot
more to it than just giving money, so its important to have that network of specialists behind you, who
understand what they’re doing, and thats what you get with a community foundation.”

PFA chief executive Gordon Taylor said: “We are delighted to announce that the PFA is establishing a
new partnership with UKCF, providing members further support to undertake their charitable

“The PFA has been involved with some excellent examples of players setting up their own
foundations, helping set up charities such as the James Milner Foundation, the Jermaine Defoe
Foundation, and the Jason Roberts Foundation.

“The new partnership provides an additional option moving forward, giving members the chance to
utilise the legal framework and charitable umbrella of a national organisation in UKCF.

“Members interested in finding out more about the partnership, or indeed any other method of
charitable giving, can speak to the PFA Community Department who will pleased to offer guidance
David Sheepshanks, chairman of UKCF, said: "Given my passion for local communities and my
personal love of football, I am really excited about the potential of Your Cause, Your Way to help
players give back and really make a difference to the communities they love.

“Community foundations have a remarkable ability to connect those that want to give, with the local
causes that matter most to them - these are typically under-funded, under the radar and yet critically
important , often acting as the social glue to keep communities together.

“Now with Your Cause, Your Way, players have the option to harness all of that community
foundation capability and local expertise by setting up their own named funds. This way they can still
enjoy all the benefits and profile as though it were their own charity, while outsourcing its
management to the community experts who can then introduce participants to the extraordinary
things being done in their chosen neighbourhood.”

For more information on Your Cause, Your Way please visit the dedicated section on the PFA website

A Players Experience: Click here to read more on Jamie Carragher and the 23 Foundation

Second Stakeholder event a success!

Community Foundation for Merseyside hosts second Stakeholder event and celebrates a local hero!

The Community Foundation for Merseyside hosted its second Stakeholder event on Monday 27th April as a way to thank current supporters for their involvement with the Community Foundation and to celebrate a local hero, Jamie Carragher on his recent National Beacon Award for his philanthropy work in Merseyside with the 23 Foundation.

The event was held in the Executive Box in Anfield Stadium, home to Liverpool FC and Jamie Carragher’s former club. During the event our Chief Executive, Cathy Elliot and President Dame Lorna Muirhead, Lord Lieutenant for Merseyside, opened with a short presentation highlighting the work of the Community Foundation and celebrating what has been achieved working with our current supporters and provided an insight into our aspirations for the future.

After scooping a National Beacon Award at the UK Community Foundation’s biennial national event, Jamie was invited to join the Community Foundation at Anfield, where Dame Lorna praised Jamie on his philanthropic work, along with staff from the foundation. Local media attended this event providing photo opportunities for both staff and the press.

Jamie’s award recognises the work of his 23 Foundation, which aims to give children in Merseyside the chance to achieve their dreams through local charities, clubs and community initiatives. Jamie was among 12 of the country’s most inspirational philanthropists to be honored.

National Beacon Awards 2015!

Jamie Carragher wins prestigious national philanthropy award!

The 9th bi-annual Beacon Awards for Philanthropy were held in London on 21st April, with our very own Jamie Carragher winning an award for his philanthropy work with the Community Foundation for Merseyside and his 23 Foundation.

Hosted by Kate Adie, the biennial Beacon Awards celebrate the extraordinary and transformational achievements of individuals and families who have, each in their own various ways, brought about lasting social change through their conviction, their determination and their generosity. The awards celebrate their philanthropic achievements with the hope of inspiring others to want to follow suit. Since 2010 the Beacon Awards have been managed by UK Community Foundations which has a network of 48 community foundations that allows Beacon’s influence to spread throughout the UK to reach a diverse range of communities and philanthropists. Community Foundation for Merseyside nominated Jamie and his work on the 23 Foundation for a Beacon award in late 2014.

Jamie set up is his 23 Foundation with the Community Foundation for Merseyside in 2009, investing £1 million in an endowment fund after his testimonial in 2010 to ensure a lasting legacy for current and future generations. Since then the 23 Foundation has awarded around £310,000 in grants from the endowment to support 55 community groups and 20 individuals all over Merseyside, helping to build communities through sport. After Jamie’s testimonial at Liverpool FC, he wanted to give something back to the people of Merseyside to say thank you for their support during his time at the football club. Describing himself as ‘a local lad and in a privileged place’, Jamie decided to set up the 23 Foundation as a way to give young local kids a chance to develop their skills.

Jamie Carragher said: “Now I am in a fortunate position and able to give back it feels right to do that. I am pleased, but it is more about doing charity well. Everybody in charity deserves recognition.”

Cathy Elliott, the Community Foundation’s Chief Executive who attended last night’s ceremony and said:
“We would like to give Jamie a huge congratulations on receiving his award and thank him for all the hard work he has done for us, the 23 Foundation and many young people in Merseyside’s local communities.”

The Community Foundation will be celebrating Jamie’s Beacon award locally at Liverpool Football Club next Monday 27 April with their President Dame Lorna Muirhead, the Lord Lieutenant of Merseyside.

List of Winners of the National Beacon Awards 2015:

Honorary Beacon Fellowship
• Trevor Pears CMG

Beacon Award for Philanthropy
• Jamie Carragher
• Lord and Lady Harris DBE DL
• Bill Holroyd CBE DL
• Sir Peter Lampl OBE
• Jack Petchey CBE
• Sir Peter Vardy DL and Lady Margaret Vardy
• Sir Ian Wood CBE and Lady Helen Wood

Beacon Award for Cultural Philanthropy
• Jonathan Moulds CBE

Beacon Award for Impact Investment
• Suzanne Biegel

Beacon Award for an Outstanding Partnership Between a Philanthropist and a Charity
• Graham Clempson and Pilotlight

Beacon Award for City Philanthropy
• David and Claudia Harding

Beacon Trailblazer Award
• Ben Drew aka Plan B

Foundation hosts event at Goodison Park

Community Foundation for Merseyside hosts first ever Stakeholder event at Goodison Park

The Community Foundation for Merseyside hosted its first Stakeholder event on Monday 13th April as a way to thank current supporters for their involvement with the Foundation and to share our future ambitions demonstrating how working together can achieve the greatest possible social impact.

The event was held in the Dixie Dean Suite in Goodison Park, home to Everton Football Club. Our Chief Executive, Cathy Elliott opened the event with a short presentation highlighting the work of the Foundation and celebrating what has been achieved working with our current supporters and provided an insight into our aspirations for the future.

The event was hosted by our President, Dame Lorna Muirhead, Lord Lieutenant for Merseyside who, after welcoming everyone to the event, praised the Community Foundation for Merseyside for their achievements, and explained how important it is for philanthropists to continue to support the work of the Community Foundation helping to bring communities together.

Following the presentation guests were invited to discuss the work of the Community Foundation with Dame Lorna Muirhead and Board Chair, Arthur Roberts and the senior management team. After the close of the event, both guests and staff were able to visit the corporate hospitality suite which provided fantastic panoramic views of Goodison Park and a memorable photo opportunity.

To find out more about the work of the Community Foundation for Merseyside please go to www.cfmerseyside.org.uk or contact us directly on 0151 232 2444.

23 Foundation dedicates 2015/16 to Alder Hey


The 23 Foundation has created a special partnership with Alder Hey Children’s Charity for 2015/16 to support the completion of the new Alder Hey Children’s Hospital. The 23 Foundation’s founder and Patron, Jamie Carragher wanted to support Alder Hey in their work as the busiest children’s hospital in the UK, seeing over 270,000 young patients each year, including 180,000 from Liverpool.

The new Alder Hey aims to provide an improved clinical service, based on effectiveness and efficiency. Their parkland will be used creatively as an integral part of their ‘clinical space’, to deliver rehabilitation services to their young patients. It will have 270 beds, including 48 critical care beds. Their 16 operating theatres will be state-of-the-art with the latest integrated technology, and a patient’s experience will be at the heart of all their design and digital developments.

The 23 Foundation will be supporting Alder Hey until 2016 and will be donating funds to especially help Alder Hey to create interactive digital entertainment and distraction in the radiology department to benefit 1,261 patients, a Neo Natal ‘Virtual Visiting’ service for parents of around 340 babies treated in the neo natal unit each year and a Sensory Garden to reduce stress and aid recovery for young patients.

Carragher’s support of the new hospital is not only charitable, but personal: “ When I was born I was treated in Alder Hey and the hospital has been important to me ever since. And when I played for Liverpool and now when doing my 23 Foundation work I visit Alder Hey each year to meet the amazing staff, brave patients and caring parents. It is a special place and I am proud to support Alder Hey as it builds its new hospital.”

The 23 Foundation will be open for general applications in Autumn 2015.