Crime Prevention Fund

The Police and Crime Commissioner for Merseyside has opened this funding opportunity for charities, community groups and social enterprises who deliver projects that stop problems before they occur, by reducing the opportunities for crime and by deterring people away from becoming involved in anti-social and criminal behaviour.                                

Grants of between £5,000 and £25,000 over a 12 month period are available to support projects that contribute to at least one of the following PCC Police and Crime Plan priorities:

General eligibility criteria:

• You must be a charity, community group or social enterprise (statutory services including schools are not eligible for this fund).

• You must be based in Merseyside, connected to your community

• You must have a formal constitution or governing document in the name of the group.

Applications must also contribute to at least one of the below areas on the 2017/18 PCC Crime Prevention Framework:

  ............... Offender ............ Location
*Primary (Stop before it occurs-Situational & Social)   Prevention, Diversionary Activities   Designing out crime target hardening
(Change people at risk)
  Focussed Deterrents, Education & Intervention.   Prioritise Vulnerable Localities

*Primary Prevention - (situational and social prevention) is directed at stopping a problem before it happens.  This involves reducing the opportunities for crime, addressing social and/or environmental factors that increase risk of offending, and strengthening community and social structures.

**Secondary Prevention – seeks to change people, typically those at high risk of embarking upon a criminal career.  The focus can be on a rapid/effective early interventions (for example, youth programmes) and/or high risk neighbourhoods.




Notes for applicants:

-       Priority will be given to applications that aim to provide a pan Merseyside service and tackle serious and organised crime

-       Groups are able to apply to both this fund and the Police Property Act fund (PPA) as long as they are for different projects and costs

-       Groups are able to submit more than one application for this fund as long as they are for different projects and costs

-       The total budget for the fund is £135,000, therefore, please note that many more applications will be received than grants awarded

-       All applications will be expected to provide clear milestones/targets that the project will achieve over the grant period (All applications will be required to demonstrate how project outcomes will be recorded)

-       Applications, particularly those over £10,000, should provide information evidencing the need for the project as well as evidence to support the specified approaches and tactics (what works).

-       In exceptional circumstances the funding panel may consider projects over more than 12 months (however the maximum grant applied for is still £25,000)

-       CIC’s limited by guarantee with 3 or more unrelated Directors can be considered, however, CIC’s limited by shares are not eligible


Closing date for applications: 

Decisions: Mid October 2017




Any specific exclusions:

• Core salaries cannot be considered (however, sessional work at an hourly rate for a specified number of project hours can be considered)

• Statutory organisations or work that is their responsibility

• National organisations that do not have a local ‘branch’ and cannot demonstrate local governance and control of local finances

• Commercial ventures

• Purchase/maintenance of vehicles

• Retrospective funding i.e activities that have already taken place before we offer you a grant

• Politically connected or exclusively religious activities

• Projects for personal profit

• Organisations that are set up for the benefit of animals or plants: environmental groups that work with animals or the environment (such as city farms) are acceptable

• Groups comprising just one family

• Debts and other liabilities

• Reclaimable VAT

• Travel outside UK


Important application information:

Only complete applications can be taken forward to the panel. You must submit supporting documents listed below (unless you have received (not just applied for) a grant from the Community Foundation within the last 12 months). These documents must be received by the closing date and we encourage applicants to submit them with their online application.



How to apply:

An online application must be submitted via the Community Foundation for Merseyside available on our website at Hard copies are available at request. In addition to the application form we will require the following documents and information:

• Copy of your Governing document

• Copy of your Child Protection policy/safeguarding policy/vulnerable adults policy as applicable

• Latest annual accounts

• Copy of your Equal Opportunities policy

• Recent bank statement

These documents can be attached to your online application or emailed to when you submit your online application form.


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