WO Street Transformation Fund

The aims of the WO Street Transformation Fund are to transform activities, enhance capacities and develop communities’ in line with the wishes of Mr. Street, the founder of the WO Street Foundation. The fund aims to encourage the community to take a proactive approach to empower themselves and others to achieve social growth and make a difference.



Groups based and operating in Liverpool, Knowsley, Sefton and St Helens are eligible to apply but unfortunately as the fund covers the old Lancashire geographical boundaries Wirral groups are unable to apply.  



Projects should meet the WO Street Foundation priorities which include advancing education and tackling poverty particularly for children and young people who are unable to meet their educational or living costs or projects for older, blind and disabled people, particularly those who cannot afford medical or convalescent care.

Applicants also need to demonstrate how their projects are innovative and transformational, responding to, or developing ideas within the local community that encourages a proactive approach to developing / building capacity within the community.

Grants are available to small voluntary and community groups and organisations to help build and support initiatives that meet the priorities above and that have a lasting effect. The fund wishes to support projects that can demonstrate engagement of the wider community with applicants identifying what they are bringing to the project such as in kind support, skills or other funding.



Grants are available for £250 - £2,500



Constituted and un-constituted groups including community groups, voluntary organisations, charities, community interest companies and social enterprises may apply. Applicant’s annual income must be less than £250,000.


Constituted groups should include:


Un-constituted groups are eligible to apply but we will be looking to support those in the process of becoming more formal constituted groups. Please include:

The following items cannot be supported via the fund:



Completed applications are considered by Community Foundation staff to check eligibility. You may be contacted for more information after applying, and a decision making panel comprising Community Foundation for Merseyside Trustees/staff will consider and make recommendations on all applications.



The funding panel is due to meet in March with applicants being advised of decisions within 2 weeks of the panel meeting.

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