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Philanthropy Stories

"My mission to galvanise and encourage philanthropy is hugely encouraged by the warmth and energy displayed by the people of Merseyside and its Community Foundation"
Dame Stephanie Shirley, Founding Government Ambassador for Philanthropy

The Community Foundation for Merseyside works with a range of donors across many themes and interests. We pride ourselves on our ability to deliver effective, high impact programmes that meet donor's wishes and improve skills, opportunities and prospects across Merseyside.

Our expertise and commitment ensures all donors receive a high quality service with tangible results from each project they fund. To read the journeys of some of our donors please follow the links below.


Santander SEDA Awards

In the spring of 2011 Community Foundations for Lancashire and Merseyside led a group of five community foundations to work with Santander on the development of a new growth award programme for social enterprises.
The working group helped to identify where Santander could add most value to communities and to social enterprises themselves. With their local and sector expertise the community foundations were invaluable in helping to create what resulted from the six month project – the Santander Social Enterprise Development Awards.
There are now eight community foundations across the UK that administer SEDA, reviewing the entries, facilitating the judging panels and working with the SEDA winners to help measure their social impact. Santander are celebrating the success of the SEDA Awards along with the winners.

Download to event brochure and read all about the winners here

Santander won the Pioneering Philanthropist Award at the Spirit of Merseyside Awards 2012. See a film about the SEDA awards here..

The Olivia Rae Foundation

Olivia Rae Clee-Barnett died suddenly on January 2nd 2011 aged just 17. She had contracted influenza along with a secondary bacterial infection which ultimately resulted in severe sepsis. In life, she achieved much, having filled her brief 17 years with passion, joy, and creativity. She was a bright, talented, and quite unique young person who embodied the potential of youth. 
The Olivia Rae Foundation was established to honor the memory and spirit of Olivia by supporting local Merseyside groups and individuals through regular grant-making.
The Olivia Rae Foundation was shortlisted for a Spirit of Merseyside Award in the Emerging Philanthropist category. View a short film about the foundation here..

Visit the Olivia Rae Foundation's webiste at to find out more

23 Foundation

Jamie Carragher established the 23 Foundation in 2009 to encourage the youth of Merseyside to actively reach for their dreams by following their sporting interests. To find out more about the 23 Foundation please click here.

Liverpool ONE Foundation

Grosvenor, along with its private sector partners involved in the development of Liverpool ONE, established the Liverpool ONE Foundation as a registered charity in 2005 to support charitable activities in the area in which Liverpool ONE was being developed, with the desire to ‘put something back’ into the local community. For more information on how the Liverpool ONE Foundation is having a huge impact on our local communities please click here.

Merseyside Police & High Sheriff's Fund

The Merseyside Police and High Sheriff’s Charitable Fund provides grants to voluntary bodies and community groups in Merseyside to support community safety, crime prevention and security initiatives in their locality. For more information please click here.

Hill Dickinson Fund

Hill Dickinson established their fund at the Community Foundation in 2009, originally to fund arts and culture projects to create a legacy for Liverpool's Capital of Culture in 2008, of which they were a key sponsor. For more information on the Hill Dickinson fund please click here.

Mark McQueen Foundation

The McQueen family from Liverpool established the Mark McQueen Foundation in 2008 in loving memory of their son, Mark. Their Foundation aims to support young men struggling with emotional and mental health issues. For more information on the Mark McQueen Foundation please click here.

For further information on how to give to your local community and plan your philanthropy please contact the Community Philanthropy Team on:
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